Brunel Swivel BridgeBrunel's Other Bridge

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Bob Watkin's drawings for ground investigation work adjacent to the Brunel Swivel Bridge

January 2016: Investigation of the ground around the Swivel Bridge, including a cable percussion borehole, one day's trial pitting at three (or possibly four locations if time permits) up to 3.5m mbgl, with insitu geotechnical sampling, all supervised by an engineering geologist, and an archaeologist.

The proposed locations of the single borehole and trial pits are shown on the plans.

Geocon Site Investigations Ltd of Almondsbury is the chosen contractor, and have been made aware of the Plimsoll Swing Bridge and the need to take down the drilling rig before bridge swings.

particular hazards which have already been identified:

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Brunel Swivel Bridge
1:200 showing baseline, survey stations and trial pits
Brunel Swivel Bridge
1:100 trial pit 4
Brunel Swivel Bridge
1:100 service station on abutment
Brunel Swivel Bridge
1:100 trial pits 1 to 3

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